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 Contrat final signe entre SJV et ETAI

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MessageSujet: Contrat final signe entre SJV et ETAI   31.07.09 11:50

Charte partenariat avec Solidarités Jeunesses Vietnam


Between the undersigned:

Un ETAI pour le Vietnam (ETAI), student association regulated by the law passed on July 1, 1901, the head office of which is located 37, allées Jules Guesde 31400 TOULOUSE
Solidarités Jeunesses Vietnam (SJ VIETNAM), non-governmental organization that promotes peace, solidarity and active citizenship through international voluntary service located in Suite 306, C6 block 1, My Dinh 1, Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam.

SJ VIETNAM and ETAI will heretofore be referred to as the parties.
The parties are non-unionized, non-profit and politically independent.


Goals of ETAI:

1. Promote the improvement of hygiene conditions in the Fisher Village
2. Improve access to education in the Fisher Village
3. Raise awareness to international solidarity in France and Vietnam.
4. Sustainability of Youth House and Water Filter projects, anticipating the decreasing of the financial support from ETAI.

Goals of SJ VIETNAM:

1. Improve local environment, informal education, poverty reduction in the Fisher Village, and the island.
2. Encourage young people to participate actively in the society where they live.
3. Raise awareness to local people and local authority about environmental protection and sustainable development at Fisher Village and the island.

Both parties pledge to respect human rights, human life and dignity in the work they undertake.

The parties have decided and agreed upon the following:

Article 1: Respecting values
Both parties will work together while respecting the activities that they do not share in common (any activity other than the Fisher Village).
The core values of both associations defining their own integrity help implement good understanding among ETAI and SJ VIETNAM.
ETAI and SJ VIETNAM work in partnership on common projects with regards to the inhabitants of the Fisher Village and its surroundings.

Article 2: Personal ethics of each member
1. To stay humble and conscious of the limits of one's capacities.
2. ETAI pledges to respect the local culture and values without trying to impose its own, always maintaining the will to dialogue with and listen to the partner.
3. SJ VIETNAM pledges to give to ETAI information on his possession useful for project.
4. The necessity to link to the project an in-depth reflex ion on the stakes of international solidarity. This can notably be accomplished by taking the time to complete training and to gather information on the great problematic of development aid.

Article 3 : Project ethics
1. To realize a project of international solidarity answering local needs which will be implemented in partnership with pre-existing structures while respecting the economic, social and political balance of the community in question.
2. The different partners in the project will commit to working together in a spirit of equality and reciprocity and will therefore reject any kind of unilateral relation. Theretofore, the elaboration of any new project will have to be accompanied with a common reflex ion from both parties.
3. The projects will be established according to the actual needs and multiple skills that can be brought to the team.
4. The projects lie within a long-term framework and will be regularly assessed and adapted to the situations on the field.
5. The project must lead to the financial, moral and physical self-sufficiency of the structure. Hence all unilateral aid is to be absolutely banned.

Article 4 : Communication
1. Any major event occurring within one of the parties must be pointed out to the second. Each party must establish the means to ensure good communication.
2. Regular communication must be established between both parties.
3. Both parties pledge to attend MSN meetings every first Thursday of each month at 4 p.m in Vietnam and 11 a.m. in France. A sufficient and fixed time slot must be set aside by both parties. An agenda will be drawn up and sent out 48 hours in advance. In case of unavoidable absence, the party in question must warn the other 48 hours in advance to set a new meeting time.
4. Beyond pre-established meetings, regular and spontaneous e-mail information must take place. Any major event having a potential impact on the Fisher Village situation must be notified. Each party can present its respective actions throughout the year. Any issue can be freely mentioned and brought up without fear of breaching the contract.
5. Each association's website must be kept up-to-date, as well as respect and highlight the partnership. All information posted must be in agreement with the moral and ethical rules and regulations previously mentioned.
6. ETAI must supply SJ VIETNAM with the means to produce a reflection about the project. SJ VIETNAM must spread information throughout its members (explanatory manuals on education and hygiene).

Article 4: Treasury.

See « Treasury contract » document.

Moreover, SJ VIETNAM pledges to find other sources of finance, and to search for local financing and thus reduce ETAI's participation. The possible lack of results does not come under the responsibility of SJ VIETNAM in any way.

Article 5: Charter modification

The charter modifications will be agreed upon jointly by both parties. They will then be approved by their respective general assemblies. The new charter will only be applicable when both general assemblies will have approved the modifications.

Article 6: Breach of the charter partnership
The charter can be breached at the request of the general assembly of one of the parties. The other party will have to be notified of this decision as soon as possible to take the necessary measures.
In case of non-respect of the charter by one of the parties, the other party can put an end to the present charter.

Article 7 : This charter is to be revisited and renewed if needed and must be signed every year.
Article 8 : Term of the present charter
This charter is tacitly renewable.

Projects linked to the partnership:
Cf. annex documents.

Contrat trésorerie avec Solidarités Jeunesses Vietnam

Treasury contract SJ VIETNAM-ETAI

Article 1: what UN ETAI is entitled to expect from SJ VIETNAM.

• SJ VIETNAM has to inform un ETAI about its provisional budget, its accounted balances sheet monthly, and its search for financial partners.

• About the bills:

The bills must be scanned and sent by mail to UN ETAI every three months in a single shipment.
The invoices for the months of September, October, November, must be sent before 07/12.
The invoices for the months of December, January, February, must be sent before 07/03.
The invoices for the months of March, April, May must be sent before 07/06.
The invoices for June, July, August, must be sent before 07/09.

-Must be specified on the invoices the subject in English, the amount, the date, and the number of the corresponding invoices.

-Those must be filed by categories:
1) For the school:
rent charges,
school supplies,
2) For the Fisher Village:
Filters analysis
3) For medical care.

The paperwork must be stored in different binders: one binder per category, the bills will be filed by month.
The scanned documents must be kept in a common file divided into categories mentioned above, in order to facilitate the dispatch of bills all at once.

-An invoice submitted with a delay of more than three months will not be refunded.

• Change of treasurer:

To ensure a better transmission, SJ VIETNAM must inform ETAI about any change of treasurer at least two weeks before his departure.

• Additional expenditures:

SJ VIETNAM must inform ETAI before any expenses not included in the provisional budget. Un ETAI has the right not to bear this expense.
This request should be sent by mail and must include handwritten signatures of the treasurer and the director of SJ VIETNAM and the official stamp.
Un ETAI will return this document countersigned and stamped to validate the reimbursement.
In the absence of anticipated demand, un ETAI will not support this expenditure.

Article 2: what SJ VIETNAM is entitled to expect from ETAI.

• Un ETAI has to inform about its provisional budget and its accounted balances sheet monthly.

• Change of treasurer:

To ensure a better transmission, UN ETAI must inform SJ VIETNAM about any change of treasurer at least two weeks before its departure.

• Reimbursement of the bills:

After receiving scanned invoices comprising all the above-mentioned informations (see article 1), UN ETAI will refund by bank transfer, in a maximum delay of one month, the expenditure according to the percentages setted out in article 3.

The invoices received before 07/12 must be reimbursed before 07/01.
The invoices received before 07/03 must be reimbursed before 07/04.
The invoices received before 07/06 must be reimbursed before 07/07.
The invoices received before 07/09 must be reimbursed before 07/10.

Before carrying out the bank transfer, UN ETAI will send by mail to SJ VIETNAM its “agreement for payment” informing the exact amount of money refunded.

Article 3: sharing expenditures.

• Definition of percentages:
The percentages of expenditures are defined in the presence of the two parts during the mission. See table below.

Lunch at school All the expenditures about: the food and the drinking water for the children who eat in the school. 50 50
Renting house and fixed expenses Renting house, gas, water (the one you do not have to buy in bottles), electricity. 50 50
Repairing All the repairing, all the expenses about something else than "material" (for example: desk, fridge, keys…), all the things you need to rent. 50 50
Study materials All the materials you need to study (even for volunteers or children): books, pencils,… This do not include the furnitures (tableboards, chairs, desk…) 50 50
Analysis three times a year. All the expenses about the analysis. 100 0
Others All the expenses concerning water filters components (sand, pipes…) and the tools needed to make water filters. 100 0
Medicine and doctors 50 50

• Change of percentages:

These percentages are received with fall for UN ETAI each summer during the mission. They cannot be changed during the year without the agreement of the two parts. The change request must be signed and stamped by SJ VIETNAM and UN ETAI.
Any clause not respected by one of the two parts put and to the contact.
This contract is valid for one year and can be renewed each year according to the two parts with adjustments of the percentages.

The 22nd July 2009,

On behalf of SJ VIETNAM On behalf of Un ETAI pour le Vietnam
Director Phuc Do Thi Mission manager
Charlotte Maulat
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Contrat final signe entre SJV et ETAI
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